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The Problem

Email and social media figures show only 1 out of 3 messages being answered and slow communication taking hours and days to resolve simple issues. Delayed responses and ignored messages inevitably leads to customer dissatisfaction.

As a result frustrated customers resort to leaving negative reviews online and businesses loose substantial revenue due to their customer service failures

Our mobile application and web form makes communication easy. It takes just a few seconds to provide feedback and chat

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Customer feedback helps managers recognise areas of concern and make improvements to products and services. It is equally important to see what you are doing well.


Complaints are not made by customers which means many issues go unreported and unresolved


Customers loss is because of poor customer service


Higher cost to attract new customers

We make it simple


Unique QR codes placed at your business premises or on product packaging connects customers in an instant.


A chat notification provides you with the feedback details, images and you are able to communicate directly with the customer.


Start by categorising the feedback and send acknowledgement to the customer.


Offer a resolution for any issues raised or simply thank the customer for providing their feedback.

QuScan puts powerful analysis in the palm of your hand and we get access to detailed industry reports, data analysis, training events and webinars
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Business Metrics

An intelligent system giving you a powerful customers service tool wherever you go

Feedback Volume

Daily / Weekly / Monthly

Feedback Type

Happy / Neutral / Sad

Feedback Status

Amount of feedback
which is
Pending / In Review / Resolved

Feedback Category

Quality . Service . Value Facilities . Environment . Health & Safety

First response time

How quickly the feedback is acknowledged​

First contact resolution rate

The number of issues resolved in the first communication

Average response time

The time taken to send replies to customers messages

Average time to resolution

How much time your business takes to resolve issues

Industry Sectors

Optimisation of Web Forms and Mobile Application to cater for 6 areas of business

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